VI Baltic Genetics Congress


30 September
1 October
2 October
3 October

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

16.00-18.00 Arrival and registration

18.00 Opening

Prof. Ain Heinaru and Prof. Maia Kivisaar

Prof. Ants Kurg (EstSHG)

18.15 Prof. Isaak Rashal – History of Baltic Genetics Congresses: from 1992 till 2015.

18.40 Invited lecture by Mart Loog: Multisite phosphorylation networks as tunable circuit elements for synthetic biology applications.

19.30-22.00 Welcome party at the congress venue


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Session 1: Population and evolutionary genetics Chair Dr. Kristiina Tambets

9.30 Mait Metspalu: Inferences on worldwide human genetic diversity from a panel of 450 high coverage whole genome sequences.

9.50 Astrīda Krūmiņa and Liana Pliss: Population genetics of Latvians in the context of admixture between North-Eastern European ethnic groups.

10.10 Peeter Anijalg: Large-scale population structure and migrations of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Eurasia.

10.30 Algimantas Paulauskas: Genetic Diversity of Ixodes ricinus Ticks in Sympatric and Allopatric zones in the Baltic countries.

10.50 Maia Kivisaar: Evolution of bacteria under stress.


11.10-11.30 Coffee break and posters


Session 2: Epigenetics   Chair prof. Toivo Maimets

11.30 Pärt Peterson: Epigenetics and ageing of immune system.

11.50 Arnold Kristjuhan: Early or late in S phase: how to regulate firing time of DNA replication origins.

12.10 Lili Milani: Ontogeny, distribution and potential roles of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in human liver function.

12.30 Dainis Ruņģis: Genome architecture and stress responses in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.).


12.50-14.00 Lunch at the congress venue


Session 3: Genomics Chair Prof. Maris Laan

14.00 Maido Remm: Analysis of sequences of (thousands of) bacterial genomes.

14.20 Leho Tedersoo: Metagenomics and genomics analyses in fungi.

14.40 Maarja Öpik: High genetic variation of the main metagenomics markers of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota).

15.00 Jaak Truu: Metagenomic microbiome profiling in environmental microbiology and biotechnology.

15.20 Jānis Kloviņš: Pharmacogenomics of metformin and its interplay with gut microbiome.

15.40 Ants Kurg: CNV analysis detects novel candidate regions for premature ovarian failure and reveals association between CNV load and menopausal age.


16.00-16.30 Coffee break and posters


Session 4: Developmental genetics Chair prof. Tõnis Timmusk

16.30 Toivo Maimets: Modulation of cell developmental potency – a tool to tackle tumorigenesis.

16.50 Viljar Jaks: The hunt for liver stem cells using genetically engineered mice.

17.10 Mari Palgi: Introducing Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome-associated mutations of TCF4 to Drosophila daughterless.

17.30 Margus Pooga: Synthesis of RIC8 protein during human sperm capacitation, real or artefact.

17.50 Nils Rostoks: Comparative transcriptome and metabolite analysis of orthologous barley nec1 and arabidopsis dnd2 mutants.


Friday, 2 October 2015

Session 5: Bacterial genetics Chair prof. Maia Kivisaar

9.00 Tanel Tenson: Transfer routes for antibiotic resistance.

9.20 Marcin Adamczuk: Mobile genetic elements of antibiotic resistant Aeromonas strains.

9.40 Rita Hõrak: Fitness effects of toxin-antitoxin systems.

10.00 Aivar Liiv: Genetic adaptation of bacterial ribosome to stress.

10.20 Ivars Silamiķelis: Diversity analysis of conventionally related Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from Latvia using whole genome sequencing.

10.40 Olesja Bondarenko: Genetically modified bacteria in nanotoxicology studies.


11.00-11.30 Coffee break and posters


Session 6: Yeast genetics Chair prof. Arnold Kristjuhan

11.30 Tiina Tamm: Mitochondrial membrane potential regulates pseudohyphal differentiation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

11.50 Juhan Sedman: Mitochondrial DNA helicases in yeast.

12.10 Juris Ķibilds: Cracking non-homologous end-joining pathway in Kluyveromyces marxianus.

12.30 Tiina Alamäe: Evolution of yeast maltases.


13.00-14.30 Lunch at the Gunpowder Cellar – Map


Session 7: Viral genetics Chair prof. Mart Ustav

14.30 Kristi Huik: Genetics of HIV and HCV infections.

14.50 Andres Merits: Genetic determinants of alphaviruses influencing viral pathogenesis and host antiviral response.

15.10 Jānis Rumnieks: Insights into the genome evolution of the single-stranded RNA bacetriophages.

15.30 Aare Abroi: Viruses as a source of new protein folds for cellular organisms.


15.50-16.30 Coffee break 


16.30-18.00 Poster session and presentations of participating companies.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Session 8: Plant genetics Chair prof. Erkki Truve

9.00 Hannes Kollist: Stomatal regulation in changing environment.

9.20 Cecilia Sarmiento: Gene silencing suppression in plants.

9.40 Eve-Ly Ojangu: Developmental defects in Arabidopsis caused by multiple knockdowns of myosin genes.

10.00 Erkki Truve: Minimal set of genes required for sobemovirus replication.

10.20 Natalja Škute: The influence of environmental factors on epigenetic changes in different group of plants.


10.40-11.10 Coffee break and posters


Session 9: Animal genetics Chair prof. Ülle Jaakma

11.10 Rutt Lilleoja: RNA-seq transcriptome analysis of bovine IVF, cloned and transgenic embryos.

11.30 Sirje Värv: SNP variation in relation to estimated breeding values in Estonian dairy cattle.

11.50 Jana Radzijevskaja: Analysis of genetic diversity and population structure of the raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) in Lithuania.

12.10 Lilian Pukk: Genetic differences between the Baltic Sea and Lake Peipus perch (Perca fluviatilis) populations: assessing the potential of microsatellite DNA markers for determining the population origin.

12.30 Dalius Butkauskas: Identification of population genetic structure and migratory routs of Woodpigeons in Europe and North Africa.


12.50-14.00 Lunch at the congress venue


Session 10: Medical genetics Chair Dr. Lili Milani

14.00 Katrin Õunap: New possibilities in laboratory diagnostics of inherited diseases in Estonia: expectations and challenges.

14.20 Siim Sõber: Flexible and dynamic placental transcriptome.

14.40 Ilze Radoviča-Spalvina: Genetic risk factors for multifactorial dyslipidemia and familial hypercholesterinemia in Latvian population.

15.00 Marina Grigorova: CAG and GGN repeats in AR gene exert combinatorial effects on reproductive parameters in Baltic young male cohort.


15.20-15.40 Coffee break


Closing session Chair Prof. Ain Heinaru

15.40 Invited lecture by Bernhard Haubold: New methods for analysing next generation sequencing data.

16.30-17.00 Overviews of the country activities and future prospective:

Latvian Society of Geneticists and Breeders, speaker Isaak Rashal

Lithuanian Genetics Society

Closing Remarks


19.00-23.00 Social dinner at Fraternity Rotalia (Tähe 3) – Map